Walter Kogler's Journeys to Galicia & Bukovina

In 1983 and the following years Walter Kogler traveled to Western Ukraine (formerly part of the USSR) to find the places, where Wilhelm Reich was born and raised: Dobrianychi, Yushynets, Chernivtsi, etc. This is the compelling story of what Walter found behind the iron curtain ...

Note: The "German photo reporter" mentioned on page 3 of Walter Kogler's travel report was the renowned journalist Digne Meller Marcovicz. She became famous for her portraits of politicians, philosophers, intellectuals (e.g. Martin Heidegger, Willy Brandt etc.). In 1987 Meller Marcovicz created the impressionistic Reich documentary "Viva little man". Walter Kogler appears at the end of this film.


published in Bukumatula 1992
(Journal of the Wilhelm Reich Institute in Vienna)

Meine Reisen nach Galizien und in die Bukowina_Seite_1.jpg

This is the travel report by Walter Kogler published in German. 



edited for the Wilhelm Reich anniversary in 2007