picture upper left: The house where Wilhelm Reich was born? photo: Stefan Hampl, Dobrjanytschi (Ukraine), 2015; lower right: Standard colonist house, 1784, source: Austria State Archive, Vienna

Wilhelm Reich was born on March 24, 1897 in Dobrianychi, a Habsburg, German-speaking colony in Galicia. His birthplace was at the German colony street. His father Leon had likely purchased a house there from a protestant settler. Closeby was his grandfather Chaim’s tavern (Korchma).

Excerpt from „The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Word and Image“:

The German colonies in Galicia are scattered on the northern slope of the Carpathian mountains, in the river basin of the Vistula and the San and in the East Galician plain. They rarely form communities for themselves, usually in Polish and Ruthenian [i.e. Ukrainian] communities incorporated. But they are very different from their neighbors and community members. Already the planned arrangement of the colony stands out from the arrangement of the Slavic villages. On both sides of the highway there are equally built, nice, white - but too sober houses; at one end of the colony rises the church and the school. At first sight one notices that this seat of humanity was based on a plan drawn up in the office, and that the compass and ruler were exclusively relevant. We do not find here that typical curved bending to the given conditions, the apparent disorder caused by the natural growth of the original settlement (Rudolf of Austria, 1898, p. 472).

Wilhelm Reich’s birth house has been demolished (probably under Nazi rule). Today there is the village’s grocery store. The exact position of the birth house can be found here.